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    important announcement such as activity checks, site wide plots, and general updates will be placed here. keep a keen eye, this is the place you want to be to make sure you're up to date on the radical things going down on the site!

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by mouse
Feb 4, 2015 15:43:40 GMT
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    like every place on this planet, we have rules. not to fret; however, as most of it is simply common sense. but it would be a good idea to give this place a quick gander, just to make sure we don't fall into chaos and implode.

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Dec 8, 2014 1:48:11 GMT
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    this is where you can ask all the questions your little heart desires. our staff as well as members would be glad to help out. here, you may also find frequently asked questions.

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Getting Started

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    this is the place to be to create character and all that awesome stuff. within this board is a biography layout, which is to be filled in accordingly and posted. once this has been done, a staff member will toddle on by and accept your awesome piece of art. after that, you have the go to throw yourself into those roleplays and stir up some awesome possum drama!

Sub-board: Work In Progress

Feb 4, 2015 18:04:18 GMT
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    once your character has been accepted, it will be moved to this board, which has numerous sub-boards so as to keep all the biographies in order. feel free to keep your biographies up to date as your characters grow and change. this is also the place to be if you want to do a little snooping and get some insight about specific clan mates.

Sub-boards: Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, Windclan, Outsiders

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Feb 3, 2015 16:14:40 GMT
No New Posts Hierarchy

    this is where all the information regarding characters will be kept. this is most important to see what ranks are currently being held, by who, and the general livelihoods of the clans and outsiders.

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Dec 8, 2014 3:00:27 GMT
No New Posts Trackers

this board is in no way mandatory. basically, if you're interested in keeping a character log up to date, this is the place to be. here you can keep track of all of your characters and their personal lives, such as lovers, friends, and enemies. feel free to include their personal thoughts and be creative to make it however you desire.

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by mouse
Dec 17, 2014 15:51:25 GMT
No New Posts Plotters

    this is where you can plot with your characters, anything from creating drama to adopting out family members will be placed here.

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by mouse
Feb 3, 2015 17:02:52 GMT


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under the cover of the towering trees, their leaves showering over the camp in dapples of emerald green, within the heart of thunderclan territory resides the camp. great towering walls circle the camp, lined at the top with bramble shrubs. a slight crumble of rocks lead up to a hallowed den, marking the leaders den, and the source of clan meetings. the camp with well protected, nestled into the far reaches of the forest, the gorse tunnel is the main entrance, leading up into thunderclan territory beyond.

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No New Posts Tunderclan Territory

thunderclan territory is usually rich with prey and shelter. their warriors have mastered the skill of moving through the undergrowth almost completely silently, some cats feel unease, not being able to sleep directly under the stars, just as thunderclanners feel unease in the wide open moors. they are very adapted to their territory, though they still suffer harsh leaf bares, life is sustainable in the thick woods. thunderclan territory includes settings such as the half bridge, twoleg path, clearing, ancient oak, old thunderpath, and abandoned twoleg nest.

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riverclan camp is sheltered near the rear of riverclan territory. they are well sheltered, little threats are posed from other clans within riverclan territory, raiding clans must first surpass the river or stream, a challenge for any warrior outside of riverclan. their camp is on drier ground, per say to the rest of their territory. dens are sheltered in ferns, nests lined of moss and soft feather. riverclanners are all for shiny and pretty things, shells and such decorate their dens. the leader may call his or her own clan together at the barren tree. a tall tree looms toward the western edge of the clearing, stripped of it's bark. the leader may perch on the lowest hanging branch, a few tail lengths from the ground.

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riverclan territory is lush in prey, almost during all seasons. it is richest in the warm seasons, but even when the cold seasons drive in, riverclan are generally pretty well off. unless the river is frozen over, fish are available almost all of the time. the ground is moist and muddy, especially by the river and in newleaf. riverclanners are expert at swimming, and they use this to their advantage. the many reeds are great places for water vole and such, learn how to swim, and Riverclan is a superb territory.

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Feb 4, 2015 19:04:01 GMT


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surrounded by the tall pines, the shadowclan camp is sheltered in shadows. the pines are a great light barrier, shade isn't hard to find here, though as the story says, the pines to little hope to the harsh winds blowing across their territory. shadowclan's camp is sheltered near the heart of the territory, dens nestled into clumps of ferns. the leader may address his or her clan at a low charcoal black rock. this also acts as the leaders den, nestled between the rock and the camp barrier, brambles are thinly lined to make a shelter from rain and snow.

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No New Posts Shadowclan Territory

lying across the twoleg path from thunderclan territory, shadowclan's territory fades from the warm greens of thunderclan forest to the dark pines known to be shadowclan's claimed land. the land if marshy, some places are known to be sloppy and muddy, other parts of the territory are known to have a harder ground, great for battle training. dead pine needles shower the cold earth, to shadowclan cats, this is great comfort, soft to the touch. to outsiders unfamiliar and unused to the territory, the pine needles are horrid.

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Feb 12, 2015 22:38:08 GMT


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windclan camp. windclan camp lies in the heart of their territory, unlike thunderclan or shadowclan, trees are scarce, providing little protection against the harsh winds. at first glance, it's a marvel at windclan camp, the rolling hills of the moors are like any other, but windclan camp, it's as though a very warrior from starclan scooped out a massive paw full of the earth. the earth dips down into a hollow, resting within this hollow are the windclan warriors. even though the camp provides little shelter, there are patches of heather, the most sheltered spots being given to the nursery and elders. the leader calls his or her clan at the high mound, a small rise in the clearing for the leader to address. his or her den resides beside it in a woven patch of heather.

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windclan territory. the land of the moors. their territory consists of pretty much the rolling hills of springy grass. trees are scarce, the odd boulder scatters the land, the odd badger den. but at first glance, windclan looks barren, especially in leaf bare. the land is deterring, just a blanket of forbidding white snow. windclan is mains abundant in hares/rabbits as their dominant food source. of course, you may find mice, birds, etc.

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Neutral Territory

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No New Posts Fourtrees

is where the clans gather every full moon to share the news of the previous month. during this time, peace is sacred. there is to be no fighting during gatherings. fourtrees is not claimed by any single clan and is considered neutral.

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No New Posts Highstones

also referred to as mother mouth, this land is located beyond windclan and shadowclan territories. it is at the breech of the mountains, where the great stones rise from the earth. mother mouth is where the stone splits open to allow those into a brilliant cave within. leaders come to highstones to receive their nine lives while the medicine cats gather here once a moon to communicate with start clan.

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No New Posts Twoleg Place

the twoleg place is a nightmare to the forest cats, but a sanctuary to kittypets. the land is rich with monsters and twolegs. clan cats are on high alert in this area, kittypets are at ease, aside from the common dog or monster. this place mostly holds the kittypet, though you'll see the odd loner wondering the ally ways.

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No New Posts Loner Territory

loner territory. this is a place unclaimed by any clans or twolegs. this is a place abundant with loners and rogues, here they may roam freely without the threat of the upwalkers or clans. Though, like the rest of the forest, it has it's draw backs in leaf bare.

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Out Of Character

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this is instinct's advertising board. please be mindful of proboards code of conduct, as we will not support any that do not abide by it. within this board, is a first timers sub-board and a link back board. please post accordingly.

Sub-boards: Link Back, First Time

May 26, 2020 2:15:00 GMT
No New Posts Hiatus

this board serves two purposes. this is where you can basically say hello! new to the site? make your grand arrival here! this is also the place to be if you are going to be away for a short time. this helps us to make sure that you still intend to be active.

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No New Posts Freedom

on this board, just about anything goes. you can post about your day, make fun games, or show off your graphics. get creative, have fun, and enjoy!

Sub-boards: Games, Graphics

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Feb 13, 2015 16:10:12 GMT
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all threads that are no longer in use will be placed here, both in and out of character. this just helps to keep the site organized.

Sub-boards: Out Of Character, In Character

by ashstrike
Jan 28, 2015 2:28:03 GMT


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